• Fathers Day Retro Sweet Gift Bag

Fathers Day Retro Sweet Gift Bag



Fathers Day Retro Sweet Gift Bag

Just pop the sweets in the candy bag (included)

Fold the top of the bag

Stick the Fathers Day Sticker to seal the bag

A Fantastic Sweet Treat!

The following items are included.

1 Candy Stripe Paper Bag (Choose your Colour - Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Pink, Black)

1 Fathers Day Sticker 60mm - (4 Designs 1 sent out at random)

1 x Fizz Wiz Cola

1 x Fizz Wiz Cherry

1 x Fizz Wiz Strawberry

1 x Freddo Dairy Milk Chocolate Bar

1 x Super Hero Candy Sticks

1 x Rainbow Drops

1 x Double Dip

4 x £1 Milk Chocolate Coins

1 x Bank Note Milk Chocolate

4 x Rainbow Dust Straws

1 x Candy Whistle

1 x Refresher Chew Bar

1 x Drumstick Chew Bar

1 x Vimto Chew Bar

1 x Chupa Lollipop

1 x Love Hearts Mini Roll